Added security with the FileJoker

Security of files and folders that are shared, stored, downloaded, and uploaded are always a priority for people who use the internet. However, this is not something that people have when they choose to use the normal ways in which they use the internet combined with files. Emails and FTPs are no longer secure and are vulnerable to attacks and hacks on the internet.

To be able to secure your files, folders, documents, pictures, videos, and other important information you ought to choose cloud hosting services. There are many companies that offer comprehensive cloud hosting options for users. However, you cannot term all of them to be as secure as

You may not be able to enjoy premium features of the website with a free account on this platform. In case you are a paid premium VIP user you get the benefit of the added security that this has to offer you. Encryption on files that you download is one thing that not many websites on the internet has to offer.

Basic security on FileJoker

Once you sign up for an account with the platform you tend to get the basic security that they have to offer. Access to stored files, shared files, and uploaded files can only be possible for a person having the right authentication.

Without the proper credentials it may be virtually impossible for anyone to have access to the files that are on the platform. This is very unlike the other forms of transfer that one is able to perform using the internet. It applies for files sent through emails and FTPs or links to others.

Enhanced security

You can further enhance your security when you sign up for a premium or premium VIP account on This means that you can also choose do your downloads in an anonymous manner without your personal information being compromised.

Furthermore, you tend to get encryption on your downloads as well with this premium VIP plan on filejoker. Priority download link is also another feature that ensures that your downloads are done on a priority. This is not the case for either free or premium only users on the website.

When you look at all these things that has to offer you would not have any doubts about it being the best provider online. You can rely on this platform for both personal and professional use for your files in a secure manner.

You no longer would be required to carry removable storage devices to transport data while you travel. Your files stored on can be available irrelevant of your location in the world. There would also be no requirement for compromise on safety when you choose to use this platform for your cloud hosting and storage options.

You can have a look at the tariff on the plans that they have on premium and premium VIP before you choose one for your needs. With you can be assured that the safety and security of your information comes as a priority over other things.

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