Are my files secure with FileJoker?

When you save any file in your PC it will store into hard drives that are not secure. There are many chances of hacking, corruption, etc. With FileJoker cloud storage, you save your data somewhere on the physical server which is located somewhere around the globe and which is managed by the cloud service provider.

Saving your important files and document in the cloud is most common in recent days. There are many cloud providers in the market which ensure the safety and security of user data, but is it secure? Is your data in the cloud is safe or not?

Risk of cloud storage

FileJoker provides huge security and maintenance of user data but with good things, it also comes with some risk. There is no privacy of your data as other people are managing your data. No one can steal your data but it can still be viewed easily.

Hackers can get access to your files by guessing their passwords. Nowadays these services providers are more concerned about the security and safety of user data rather than other services.

Safety of cloud storage

FileJoker encrypts your data when you upload it or access it. It’s impossible to read the encrypted data and making hard for hackers to hack the files. You can make your files safer by first encrypting your data with your encryption software then upload that encrypted file to the cloud and when you download back that file then decrypt it again. This will increase the security of your file.

If you store your files in papers and there is a fire in your office then those papers are the first thing to burr. Computers and hard drives are the second things to melt. In that situation, if you save your data in the cloud then it will remain somewhere safe and you can access them back anytime.

Services a cloud provider gives

A cloud service provider secures your data with some techniques. Some of them are :

1- Firewall protection

The firewall ensures only limited data that are allowed to enter into the network. It makes sure no other unknown device or threat enters the physical network.

2- Physical Security

Data is saved somewhere in data centers and these data centers are highly secured. Certified and trusty data centers have 24hrs monitoring and are secured with fingerprint locks and armed guards.

3- Encryption

Cloud provider encrypts your data so hackers won’t steal it. Some cloud provider gives the user the encrypted keys but some of them won’t. Then main motive of not giving the encrypted keys is the user may accidentally give it to someone else who is not authorized. 


Cloud storage is one of the most demanding technology nowadays. Saving your file on the FileJoker cloud rather then your physical system is more popular. Cloud provider gives you more security to your data as there are lots of people working behind it. They encrypt the data so unauthorized persons cannot access it. Disaster recovery planning is an important aspect of cloud computing. 

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