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When it comes to using any sort of services on the internet we prefer to go with the best. This applies for people who choose to avail certain services at a cost or for free. The quality of the service extended by a provider deems how good the company is on the internet. This also applies for cloud hosting and storing providers on the internet.

One can safely say that is one of the top providers when it comes to cloud hosting and storage. This is not just because of the services that they provide but also due to the quality that they have on offer. Hundreds of thousands of people choose to use this platform for the cloud services that they have to offer their customers.

There are many things that differentiate this platform on the internet from other cloud service providers. We take a look at what makes them stand out from the lot on the internet and why you should consider using them for your business or personal use. The most important features of are listed below for you to consider using it.

Flexible plans on

One of the best examples of versatility and flexibility with is to do with their plans. As an entity or a person, you can choose either a free, premium, or premium VIP plan that they have to offer their customers. Each of these plans are billed monthly, once in 3 months, once in 6 months or once in 12 months.

So, based on the duration of your requirement you can choose your plan accordingly. Both premium VIP and premium plans are similar in features with for former having some added advantages. You can distinguish between them on with the table they have provided for customers.

Additional security

As a cloud hosting user, you would look for security of your data as the most important aspect with any provider. The platform provides you just that and more for premium VIP users. Download encryption is something that you can avail as a premium VIP user with this platform.

Furthermore, you can choose to download files anonymously from this platform if you are a premium VIP user. You get a download priority link that you can use to download the files that are stored or shared with you.

You can use the extra space that is offered for premium VIP users on this platform as well. As this type of user, you can download files of any size without any problems as well. The other aspect that you get with this website is the apps that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.


Most of the above-mentioned features are specific for premium VIP users on In case you are not able to afford the kind of money to be a premium or premium VIP user you can always choose to sign up for free. This would mean that you still would have restricted access to downloads, storage, sharing, and uploads on this website.

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