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Ideal business plan on FileJoker

The needs of businesses are not the same as what individuals want in terms of cloud hosting services. Usually, businesses need a lot more than the usual stuff that people want with cloud. This is why there are plans on websites such as to suit businesses. These plans may not be best suited for […]

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How secure is for users?

It is important to know all aspects of a website or the service it has to offer before signing up with it. The same applies for cloud hosting services like that people wish to sign up with. Security aspects of the services offered should be of utmost priority for people who wish to use […]

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How is different from other options?

There is no questioning the fact that cloud hosting and storage option is the best way forward for everyone. In the earlier days people were prone to data loss and theft to a great extent. However, things have changed for the better for most of them with the use of cloud storage and hosting services. […]

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Dear Partners, We would like to let you know that we have increased the download limit for customers holding the VIP Premium account to 100GB in any 5 consecutive days. We have also allowed for extra bandwidth for all customers which will improve the download speed even further. You can now use this information for […]

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Aspects that make the best

When it comes to using any sort of services on the internet we prefer to go with the best. This applies for people who choose to avail certain services at a cost or for free. The quality of the service extended by a provider deems how good the company is on the internet. This also […]

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Added security with the FileJoker

Security of files and folders that are shared, stored, downloaded, and uploaded are always a priority for people who use the internet. However, this is not something that people have when they choose to use the normal ways in which they use the internet combined with files. Emails and FTPs are no longer secure and […]

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Pros and cons of using FileJoker

Careful consideration of the pros and cons of a service is important before you choose to use it. You may not be aware of certain specifics when it comes to using cloud hosting providers on the internet. There are many companies that offer this service for their customers. However, there are only a few that […]

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What is cloud host?

A server which give web hosting services to customers by multiple servers that are connected to each other making a cloud. Cloud host is very responsive that’s why it can work in smartphones, desktops and tablets. Cloud host is powerful and made for hosting many servers, SEO and marketing business companies. Cloud host is easy […]

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Are my files secure with FileJoker?

When you save any file in your PC it will store into hard drives that are not secure. There are many chances of hacking, corruption, etc. With FileJoker cloud storage, you save your data somewhere on the physical server which is located somewhere around the globe and which is managed by the cloud service provider. […]

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