Differences between premium and premium VIP plan on filejoker.net

One of the main questions that people have with using filejoker.net is the plan that they have to choose. Usually, people who choose a free account do not have to worry about these things. This is because they only choose to use the basic features that this platform has to offer and not otherwise.

However, for paid users there is always a dilemma about choosing premium or premium VIP account for their needs. Hence, we have complied the features and differences between the two plans. This can be of decent help to you as a user and help you choose the appropriate one wisely without any second thoughts.

There are only a few differences that separate the two different plans that the website filejoker.net has to offer. The differences are listed below for you to consider and make your choice with choosing a plan.

Premium plan on filejoker.net

The unlimited speed that you get with either of these plans are the same. So, it does not make much of a difference with download and upload speed for users. Likewise, instantaneous downloads are possible with both the plan types as well for people. Support for iOS and Android applies for both types of premium plans that are offered.

Instant and resumable downloads are possible on both plans too that one can make use of. However, if you are premium plan user you would have to be content with the traffic that is offered on filejoker.net. On any 5 days you are allowed up to a traffic of 30,000 Mb only with the premium plan.

Premium VIP plan on filejoker.net

When you choose to use a premium VIP plan on filejoker.net there are a few added features that come along for you. This is in excessive of all of the above features that are mentioned on the premium plan with the platform. Upgraded traffic of up to 60,000 Mb on any 5 days is something that you can get as a VIP user.

Along with it you also tend to get unlimited file size transfer, upload, and download. You also tend to get extra storage with the VIP account that is unlike the premium one offered. You can do your downloads in an anonymous manner along with a priority download uplink too.

As far as security goes you get encrypted download traffic with filejoker.net. This would mean that your personal information would be protected by all means when you download on this platform. Additionally, you get an online video player that you can use to view videos of most types.


Now that you know the differences between premium VIP and premium users on filejoker.net you would be able to select the best option. In case you do not want the added features that come with the premium VIP account you can go with just the premium option. In case you are happy with what the basic package offers you can always choose the free account option that the website has.

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