Golden Autumn Promo Announcement.

Dear Partners,

We are very excited to announce 3 GOLDEN MONTHS OF AUTUMN PROMO!
As you can tell from its name, the Promo will go on for 3 whole months giving everybody an ample opportunity to earn big extra cash!
There are several ways of participating, you can become a new Partner and earn up to 100% of all sales! If you are already our partner, make some extra sales and earn 15% bonus.
Terms are really simple.

1. For NEW Partners:

100% of sales in September
90% of sales in October
80% of sales in November

– to qualify for “new partner” status you have to be a newly registered and activated webmaster. If you already have an account, there has to be no sales within last 3 months.
– any new partner is allowed to join the promo at any time of its duration
– to take part in this promo, you have to inform webmasters manager during your activation. If you were inactive, you still need to inform the manager about your desire to participate.
– the difference between regular and promo rate will be accumulated and paid in bulk after the end of the promo, between 1st and 10th of December, 2019
– to get the bonus you have to make at least 5 sales in each month of the promo you participate in

2. for CURRENT partners:

Increase your sales and we will pay 15% bonus on earning difference compared to previous month.
– all current partners participate in this promo by default
– to get the bonus you have to show continued growth in each month of the promo. In other words you have to earn more in September than you did in August, earn more in October than you did in September and earn more in November than you did in October.
– the bonus will be calculated and paid between 1st and 10th of December, 2019

We are happy to invite every webmaster out there to join us and earn BIG money during this promo and beyond! We would also like to say to all of our current webmasters, grow your traffic, the bonus amount is unlimited!

Don’t hesitate to talk to our Webmasters support manager to get any help needed. You will find Promo details and webmasters manager contact info by following the link below.

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