How is different from other options?

There is no questioning the fact that cloud hosting and storage option is the best way forward for everyone. In the earlier days people were prone to data loss and theft to a great extent. However, things have changed for the better for most of them with the use of cloud storage and hosting services.

Data stored on cloud hosting platforms have become more secure and robust. With so many players in the market for cloud hosting services there are only a few that stand out from the lot. One of the most preferred choices among people is the platform

People from around the world are using this platform for different reasons. Features of this platform include sharing files, downloading files, uploading files, storing files, and securing them.

Security features

Providing encryption is one of the salient features that this website offers its premium users. This can be considered as an added layer to the existing security features that already exist with When files are encrypted and downloaded on to your computer or any compatible device they are protected by all means.

This can work wonders when it comes to sharing information that is considered secure and personal to many people. Moreover, people cannot access any files that are uploaded on to this platform if they do not possess the required credentials for the same.

Unlimited file size

This is one of the features that stand out among the providers that offer cloud hosting. One would be able to upload, download, and store files of any size on without any restrictions. However, one has to possess a premium VIP account to be able to do the same.

This works well with businesses that choose to back up files in their office on a regular basis without any interventions or interruptions. Small, medium, and large-scale businesses choose to sign up for a premium VIP account to have the best access possible to this platform.

Unlimited speed

There are many websites and platforms that provide only limited speed in terms of bandwidth for its users. However, if you are a premium or a premium VIP user you tend to get unlimited speed on this platform without any restrictions.

This makes for faster downloads, uploads, and backups on this platform. Sharing on this platform for paid users is also better when compared with free users. One does not have to wait for a while before their download begins as they are able to get them instantaneously.

Added features

You also get some added features as a premium VIP user on This includes extra storage, unlimited file size, online video player, anonymous downloads, and encrypted download traffic. You also get a priority download uplink which is specific only to premium VIP users on the website.

In order to get more information about the paid plans you can always choose to visit the website of This would give you all the information that you would require before you choose to sign up with this website for cloud hosting service that you need.

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