How secure is for users?

It is important to know all aspects of a website or the service it has to offer before signing up with it. The same applies for cloud hosting services like that people wish to sign up with. Security aspects of the services offered should be of utmost priority for people who wish to use cloud.

In simple terms this platform is used for sharing, storing, uploading, downloading, and securing files on the internet. People who have large files to be handled use these cloud options to make life easier for themselves.

However, there is no point in using a service of this kind if they are not as secure as you want them to be. After all the last thing that you would want is for your information to be compromised or made available to people you did not intend to share it with.

So, we look at the things that make the best in the industry in terms of cloud services. Upon going through this information, you would get to know if you would have to use this service or choose otherwise.

The features that are mentioned below are exclusive to premium VIP users of this platform. This is most suited for small, medium, and large sized businesses all around the world. You may not get any features mentioned below if you sign up as a free or premium user.

Anonymous downloads

When a file is uploaded and sent to you on you can choose to download the same without revealing your personal information. This includes your geographical location, name, email address or other credentials.

Encryption on downloads

Files that are downloaded from this platform can be encrypted. This provides you with the additional security that you had always wanted. You can protect your files from attacks and intrusions when you choose this option.

Credentials or authentication

Anyone who does not have login credentials or authentication would not be able to access files stored on this platform. So, it is imperative that you have all the credentials before you choose to access information on this platform.

Additional features

There are also some other additional features on that are exclusive for premium VIP users. It includes the ability to use an online video player at will for playing videos. You can also get extra storage with this type of account and be able to transfer, upload, or download files of any size.

To top it off you can choose to use your account on both Android and iOS platforms too. These factors make your account significantly better than any other service provider in the world.

Any of the plans mentioned above can be chosen based on the duration of time that you wish to use them for. People either select 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months for their needs with file transfer, upload, download, sharing, or storage. You may also be able to avail some offers or discounts when you visit the website of as a user.

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