Ideal business plan on FileJoker

The needs of businesses are not the same as what individuals want in terms of cloud hosting services. Usually, businesses need a lot more than the usual stuff that people want with cloud. This is why there are plans on websites such as to suit businesses.

These plans may not be best suited for individuals in particular. However, they might just be the best ones for businesses in most cases. It applies for small, medium, and large businesses around the world.

A free plan on a platform such as would be sufficient for individuals. The plans that are designed for businesses usually have more features are significantly better. Limitations on fee plans usually act as a handicap for businesses.

So, we have listed out some of the major differences between the two plans on These differences can be pondered upon before you choose the plan that is best suited for your business. The two plans are named as premium and premium VIP and here are the differences between the two listed below.

Premium plan on

Businesses that sign up for a premium plan are provided with certain features that are also available with premium VIP plan. They include unlimited speed, resumable downloads, instant downloads, and support with iOS/Android apps. The difference on this plan though on is the 30,000 Mb provided for any 5 days for an account.

Premium VIP plan on

All of the above-mentioned features are available with this plan as well. However, instead of 30,000 Mb one gets 60,000 Mb of traffic for any 5 days for an account. In addition to that one can get extra storage that is exclusive to premium VIP users.

Beefed up security features are also a significant feature with premium VIP users on This includes anonymous downloads, encrypted downloads, and a priority download link for your files and folders.

You also tend to get the feature where you can upload files of any size with this premium VIP account. This is not the case with the premium account on the platform. Additionally, a premium VIP account gets access to an online video player on

Common billing cycle

Both of the paid accounts on this platform would be billed at specific durations for their users. They can be billed every month, once in 3 months, once in 6 months, and once in 12 months. This totally depends on each business entity that opts for a paid plan either with premium or premium VIP option.


Both of these accounts are specific for businesses or individuals who have higher usage of cloud hosting services. So, it is for you to choose which of the above mentioned would be suited for your business or personal use.

With you always have the option to upgrade to a premium VIP plan from the basic premium plan. You can choose the high-end plan if your requirements match what is offered by the website. If it does not you can choose to stick with the premium plan for your business or personal use.

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