What is cloud host?

A server which give web hosting services to customers by multiple servers that are connected to each other making a cloud. Cloud host is very responsive that’s why it can work in smartphones, desktops and tablets. Cloud host is powerful and made for hosting many servers, SEO and marketing business companies. Cloud host is easy to use technology. It provide its customers reliability, saving of money, and is very easy to access.  Before understanding more about cloud hosting it is very necessary to know about the term “cloud”.


Cloud is the technology which is use by almost everyone for storing and easy accessing of data. Google Docs and Dropbox are the applications which use the technology of cloud.  In old times floppy discs and CDs were used for storing all kind of data. Hard drives and USB drives are also being used now a days for storing of data. Cloud does the same thing. The only difference is that you don’t have need to carry physical storing device. Your data will be saved on online servers and you can easily access to your data through internet.  

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the process of storing data on online servers to meet the needs of business which can be changed when needed. Many companies have switched to this technology of data storing because in this way they are connected to many servers which are beneficial for them.

Cloud hosting use more than one server to store data but those servers act as one machine. Servers are machines which are placed at different places and are connected to each other.

Benefits of cloud hosting


Many business companies use cloud host technology because it is very reliable. In cloud hosting there is not any problem of overloading or disturbance by other clouds and user can work smoothly and independently.

Load balancing

Load Balancing refers to how workloads and IT resources are distributed in the cloud computing system. This allows companies to manage website requirements or implement different types of servers. This way, no server is loaded with high usage requirements. Load balancing is a key benefit of cloud computing as it allows companies to take advantage of the aforementioned scalability to deliver high performance in a more dynamic way than traditional servers. Often this means that you don’t even have to expand your resources.


It is the ability of cloud host to manage the data storing capacity and manage its demand. It is major and valued feature of clouding system. Scaling provide users the best experience of business money and time flexibility. With increase in business demand user can increase the storage space and also the number of servers controlling it.
Scalability allows you to cope with larger workloads without interruption or complete transformation of existing infrastructure.

Utility style costing

Traditional hosting requires that you pay a fixed monthly fee, which does not take into account whether you have used all server resources or not. On the other hand, cloud hosting offers a cheaper price model because it only pays for the resources it uses. If you plan to receive more traffic in a specific week, increase the resources for that period and what you spend will match the resources you use. All your devices, whether your laptop, tablet, smartphone or workstation, can access this data from anywhere through the Internet.

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