What should you know about Filejoker before signing up for it?

There are many cloud hosting and storage providers that are available on the internet. One has to be aware of what they have in store for you before signing up with them. This is because you should not be signing up for something and not know about what it has in store. Most people who wish to sign up with a cloud hosting prefer to select the best.

Among the many service providers in the market you can rely on Filejoker.net as it stands out as one of the best in the market. There are many reasons for it to be ranked as one of the best in this specific domain. We look in detail about the same and also the other things that you ought to know before you sign up to become a user of this platform.

Different plans on Filejoker

There are 3 different plans that you can sign up for with Filejoker to begin with. Free account, premium account, and premium VIP account are the three options that are available for you as a user.

The free plan is valid for a lifetime for users and has certain limitations that you should be aware of. They include limited bandwidth, limited space, and limited file upload, download, and transfer size.

The same is not applicable if you happen to be a premium or a premium VIP user on the platform Filejoker.net. Unlimited speed, instant downloads, and resumable downloads are common with both premium and VIP premium plans. Support of iOS and Android applications are also similar with both the paid plans.

However, the difference comes with premium VIP plans on Filejoker.net for users. Some of the additional features offered include:

  • Online video player
  • Unlimited file size download, upload, and sharing
  • Priority download link
  • Anonymous download option
  • Encryption on download traffic
  • Additional storage

In case you require any of the above-mentioned features you should choose to sign up with a premium VIP account. Otherwise you would be better placed with just the premium account for your business or personal use.

Free user

In case you do not have the funds to sign up for a premium VIP or premium account you can always opt for a free account. This type of account is better suited for students and individuals who do not have needs for exceptional services. However, in case you wish for you can always choose to upgrade your account to a premium or premium VIP user on Filejoker.net.

Upon careful considerations on all the above information provided you would be able to conclude what is ideal for you. This information provided above can also make your job of selecting a specific plan much easier. You can sit back and contemplate on what your requirements are and choose your plans accordingly.

FAQs on the website Filejoker.net would give you more information that you may require to make a wise choice. It is after reading all these things you can sign up and begin using this online platform for all your cloud requirements.

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