Why consider using FileJoker for cloud hosting?

Despite having many options for cloud hosting services there are many who choose filejoker.net for their needs. This is due to the various advantages that come along with using this platform on the internet. Unless one does not know what difference, the platform can make, they would not know the importance it may have with them.

We look at some of the reasons the website filejoker.net stands out among the lot and why you may consider using it. One can choose to use this platform for free with limitations or pay for premium services that they have to offer. This entirely depends on the individual or business if they wish to take up a premium account or otherwise.

However, we look at some of the best features that this website has that makes it stand out among the lot. We list them out so that you can comprehend the factors that differentiate it from the others on the internet. You would also be able to make a wise choice after knowing what the website has to offer you as an individual or as a business owner.

Premium plans on filejoker.net

There are two different plans to choose from on the platform filejoker.net. The first plan is called premium and the other is known as premium VIP. People choose either of the two options that are provided to them. As far as the premium plan goes the features available on the same would include:

  • iOS/Android App
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Resumable Downloads
  • Instant Download
  • 30,000 Megabytes of Download that can be used on any 5 days per month

However, the premium VIP plan on filejoker.net has some added features along with the ones that are mentioned above. They are as follows:

  • 60,000 Megabytes of Download that can be used on any 5 days per month
  • Encrypted Download Traffic
  • Extra Storage
  • Unlimited File Size Download or Upload
  • Priority Download Uplink
  • Anonymous Downloads
  • Online Video Player

Each of these are plans can be chosen and paid per month, for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months depending on your feasibility.

Free plans

However, if you are a person who is not capable of registering as a premium user you can always opt for a free account. The free account gives you limited access in terms of file storage and sharing facility. Files that usually cannot be transferred by emails can be sent or received on the platform filejoker.net even using a free account.

This facility is prominently used by students and social workers who do not have loads of money to spare on a premium account. It is also used by professionals who do not require the added benefits that come along with the premium accounts on the website.

You can browse through the website filejoker.net to know more about what you can get out of signing up for an account with them. Your most FAQs can also be answered in their FAQs section so that you can have clarity on what they have to offer their users with free and premium accounts.

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