Using for transferring large files

One of the many challenges faced by people is the ability to transfer files over the internet. This transfer can be to friends, family, co-workers, or relatives. Smaller files can be sent or received over emails by people. However, files that are too large in size cannot be transferred over it due to the restrictions imposed by the email provider.

This is why people choose to use cloud hosting providers such as for their needs. Sharing, storing, transferring, downloading, and uploading files of large size is possible with these types of platforms for users. You can review the types of plans that are offered for you to have clarity on which one you should be choosing.

File size limits on

If you are a free or basic account holder with you would have set limitations. In case you choose to sign up for a paid account as a premium VIP user you do not have any limitations on files. You can upload, download, and share files of any size with anyone you want around the globe.

You also tend to get unlimited speeds when you are a premium or premium VIP user on this platform. It is possible for you to sign up for a month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months on This gives you the versatility to use the paid accounts for a specified duration of time as per your requirements.

Continuing to use the free account is possible and enjoy the features that it has for users. You would just have to ensure that you do not cross the limit that is set by the cloud hosting service provider.

Ease of access

With a download priority uplink with the premium VIP account you can be assured of no delays whatsoever. You can also choose to be anonymous when you do the downloads in a bid to protect your personal information. With encryption on downloads with you can be assured of the safety of your files and folders.

Accessing the files from any part of the world is possible with a stable internet connection. Using your login credentials, you can login and download or upload all your files without any problems. Compatible devices can be used for the purpose of accessing your account including Android or iOS platforms.

These are some of the salient features only has to offer its users. Furthermore, you can choose to use the online video player that is provided by this platform if you are premium VIP user.

Resumable and instantaneous downloads

The resumable and instantaneous downloads are possible with both premium and premium VIP users on This means that you do not have to worry about a download that has been paused or stopped while downloading large files on this platform. Instant downloads mean that you never would be required to wait for your download to begin. You can utilize the extra storage on offer for premium VIP users as well if you feel that the storage is not sufficient for your needs.

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